Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood

A multiplayer online tournament and live-event @Madrid, Spain.
Supported by a Facebook app, created ad-hoc and connected to the game servers.
4 weeks of online competition with weekly prizes, sponsored by brands as Microsoft, Sony or ASUS.

Client: Ubisoft Spain

Project: Tournament Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood

Role: Producer

Year: 2010

  • Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood was the first title of the series to include multiplayer mode, and Ubisoft had the goal to keep the servers active.
  • Right after the Christmas Campaign, the video games market experiences a decrease of sales. There was also a marketing goal to reduce the impact.
  • Traditionally, the strategy was to offer discounts (2x1) or to set promotions with vendors (20% in all Ubisoft games at MediaMarkt).
  • The actions with sellers helped the Sales Department.
  • We created the first Assassin's Creed Tournament, with an online phase and a final event at a vendor venue.
  • Every week was sponsored by a brand.
  • We presented the idea to FNAC Spain and they like it. We made a deal to use their main building in Spain and to promote it through their channels (Facebook, Newsletter, website, Twitter, printed media at the venue).
  • They also sponsored one of the weeks of online competition and part of the final prize.
  • We pitched the idea to Microsoft, Sony and Asus, and all of them joined.
  • We were looking for the best Spanish players on XBOX 360 and Playstation 3. So we needed to extract the rankings from the servers of the game.
  • The Technical team from Ubisoft EMEA helped us to set up a secure call to the database of the Spanish servers.
  • The European community managers gave us advice on how to set the mechanics of the competition.
  • Along with a third-party, we developed a Facebook app which provided real-time rankings for both platforms.
  • We also used the app to manage the weekly winners.
  • We made the announcements through Facebook posts, and the engagement was more than expected.
  • My experience at Campus Party helped me with the organization and technical set up of the grand finale at FNAC Callao in Madrid city-center.
  • Not also we achieved the goals set, but we helped our partners and our internal teams.




Facebook app


platforms: PS3 and XBOX360