If you want to use a short video in your website (maximum 10 seconds) or in a presentation, maybe you prefer to create a GIF. You won't have to upload it to another service or your own server, which will make it easier to add.

1. Cut a clip from a video, to a max of 10 seconds.

2. Save the file as an MP4.

3. Find an online MP4 to GIF online converter. I recommend Zamzar or EzGIF.

4. Select your file, choose the format in the dropdown (GIF)., add your email address and press “Convert”.

5. Once the file has been uploaded and converted,  you will received a download link in your email inbox.

6. Visit the URL and press the button “Download now” to save your file.

TIP! In case of a loop GIF, up to 5 seconds. Duplicate the clip and place it just behind the original clip. Reverse the second clip. While uploading to your website, don’t forget to choose the option “Loop”, to create an infinite loop.