When I need to perform tasks that require all my concentration, I try to use music. There is a ton of studies about what is the best music for productivity, and most of them agrees on certain styles, as classical music or electronic ambiance. Even some people prefers to be in complete silence.  I preferably choose playlists with a long duration, barely no vocals and a bit up-tempo.

  • Mukatsuku is a British record label owned by the DJ and producer Nik Weston, Its Soundcloud one of my favourites sources of focus, specially anything with the word “jazz” on it.
  • Chillhop, a YouTube live stream with a cute loop of a girl studying, is the soundtrack of most of my “chill” working days. I use it on weekends, or late evenings, when I don’t need a much fast rhythm. It has also an Spotify version.
  • If I am looking for more energetic tunes, I usually find it among certain instrumental progressive rock. The kings of this genre is the Spanish band  Toundra.
  • In order to find that kind of energy, electronic music always helps. I personally prefer repetitive and minimalistic house or deep house. Some examples I have recently discovered are Pional or DjGreyArea. There are also some apps than allows users to produce infinite loops of electronic music in real time, as Mubert.